About the Artist

Hi, I’m Amanda!

Thank you so much for visiting my site today! My whole life, I’ve been excited about and filled with joy at creating. I love the connections that art can form between people and the joy a created work can bring to someone’s life. In an attempt to pursue these wonderful things, I started my own art business in 2015 and have been striving to touch others lives with art ever since! I have also taught art classes to children and young adults, and I’ve so enjoyed the opportunity to share art in this way. 

Although my current favorite media are watercolor paintings and pencil and ink illustrations, I love and practice many other art forms such as oil painting, pastel, traditional drawing, colored pencil, digital art, ceramics, and three dimensional art! I am always seeking to learn new art skills, as I know that learning and artistic growth are never ending and that there is always something new to discover!

I feel incredibly blessed by my Lord that I’ve been given this art gift, and I hope that I may continue to bless others with it for the rest of my life!



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